The workshops below are the complimentary part of full tickets.

They will be run remotely via Zoom.

The recordings of most workshops will be shared with full ticket holders after the conference.

Sid Chatterjee

Intermediate Gatsby Workshop

With Gatsby v3 out and freshly released, learn how to build modern, performant and accessible by default websites from one of the maintainers of the project, Sid Chatterjee. The main topics for this workshop will include:

Table of contents
  • - Getting started with Gatsby v3
  • - CSS and layout
  • - Routing
  • - Performant Images using Gatsby Image
  • - Querying data with GraphQL, working with a headless including Contentful and Sanity
  • - Mixing static and dynamic content
  • - Building custom backend agnostic GraphQL types
  • - Authentication and Protected Routes
  • - Using Gatsby Themes
  • - Deploying to Gatsby Cloud
Workshop level

Beginner-to-intermediate React skills

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 5, 16:00-20:00 CEST. Remote.

Will Voelker

Introduction to React


Exposition, small-group exercises, Q&A

Essential topics covered:

Setting up and developing a react project using create-react-app

Basic JSX syntax

The declarative philosophy, what props and state are

Function components

Additional topics covered:

1-directional data flow

Writing stateful components

Writing components that handle events such as onClick

Controlled and uncontrolled form components

Class components

Advanced outcomes

Pointers for next steps, e.g. context, higher order components, custom hooks, using React with typescript, testing with Jest and Enzyme

Any other questions about React

Workshop level


Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 6, 17:00-21:00 CEST. Remote.

Nader Dabit

Hybrid Cloud Development with Next.js, AWS, and Tailwind

In this workshop you'll learn how to build highly scalable cloud APIs with AWS and integrate them with Next.js and style them using Tailwind CSS.

We'll build out a multi-user blogging platform, implementing a database with DynamoDB, authentication with Amazon Cognito, and a GraphQL API with AWS AppSync and connect to the app from the Next.js client using AWS Amplify. Users will be able to edit and delete their own posts as well as add rich media like cover images using Amazon S3.

By the end of the workshop, you should have a good understanding of how to build full stack apps on AWS with Next.js and AWS Amplify.

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 6, 18:00-21:00 CEST. Remote.

Nouha Chhih, Francois Bohyn, Sadek Drobi

Landing Your Next Developer Job

Renaud Bressant (Head of Product), Nathanael Lamellière (Head of Customer Success and Solution Engineer), Nouha Chhih (Developer Experience Manager) will be looking at the different developer jobs that you can accounter when looking for your next developer role. We'll be explaining the specifics of each role, to help you identify which one could be your next move. We'll also be sharing tips to help you navigate the recruitment process, based on the different roles we interviewed for as recruiters, but also as candidates. This will be more of an Ask Us Anything session, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts and questions during the session.

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 7, 18:00-20:00 CEST. Remote

Richard Moss

Incrementally Adopt Modern React Patterns in a Legacy Codebase

In this workshop, we’ll look at some of the approaches and techniques that can be applied when making refactors or adding new features to a legacy React codebase to bring it inline with the latest approaches. We’ll cover topics such as how to use React Hooks to share component logic in a way that will allow reuse in class components; how to incrementally introduce other patterns to a React Redux app; and how to build in flexible UI components via abstractions where we are tied to some global CSS or a component library. Along the way, we’ll touch on many React patterns and state management approaches with the ultimate aim of being able to evaluate these options and let our requirements drive the architecture in moving towards a more robust and maintainable codebase.


  • Working knowledge of React, aimed at those currently working on React codebases.
  • Up to date version of Node and basic dev environment setup for cloning and running a React app.

Workshop level


Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 7, 17:00-21:00 CEST. Remote.

Jennifer Gray, Hanna Chen

Building a Shopify App with React & Node

Shopify merchants have a diverse set of needs, and developers have a unique opportunity to meet those needs by building apps. Building an app can be tough work but Shopify has created a set of tools and resources to help you build out a seamless app experience as quickly as possible. Get hands on experience building an embedded Shopify app using the Shopify App CLI, Polaris and Shopify App Bridge.

We’ll show you how to create an app that accesses information from a development store and can run in your local environment. We’ll walk you through how to:

  • Create an embedded Shopify app using the Shopify App CLI
  • Build an interface with Polaris React components
  • Take actions in your React app with App Bridge components

Attendees will need a Shopify Partner account with a development store, and should be comfortable writing React and using the command line.

Workshop level


Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 8, 15:00-16:30 CEST. Remote

Matt Landers, Will Johnston

Mixing Content, Commerce, and SEO with Headless WordPress

When working with Headless WordPress it can be daunting having to setup an e-commerce site. This workshop will take you through connecting a Shopify app with your WordPress site, linking your WordPress content to your Shopify products, building a React and NextJS frontend to show your products and posts, using Yoast SEO, and deploying your site to WP Engine’s Atlas platform.

Format: exposition, code-along with Q&A

Table of contents
  • - Pull in products from Shopify and blog posts from WordPress
  • - Display related content next to products and related products next to content
  • - Create a custom content type to link posts and products
  • - Use Yoast for SEO with a React component
  • - Deploy to WP Engine Atlas

  • Local WordPress site (
  • Shopify store (developer account)

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 9, 16:00-18:00 CEST. Remote.

Scott Vinkle

Creating Accessible React Native Apps

React Native is a framework used to create native iOS and Android apps in a way web developers may already be familiar with. But how do you ensure your React Native apps are inclusive and usable by everyone? Scott will share tips on how to test and build React Native apps with accessibility baked-in!

Objective: Share insight into testing and implementing accessibility best practices for React Native apps.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn:

  • Creating accessible React Native apps is possible
  • How to test for accessibility in both iOS and Android emulators
  • Specific examples (before and after) will be shared from Shopify’s Covid Shield app
  • How the React Native accessibility API relates back to web development
  • Where to find React Native accessibility documentation

Some React and/or React Native, some ARIA

Workshop level


Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 9, 15:00-16:30 CEST. Remote.

Dylan Jhaveri, Ed Ropple

Build Your Own Live Streaming Platform

In this workshop we will go over the basics of streaming video over the internet including technologies like HLS and WebRTC. We will then build our own React app to play live streams and recordings of live streams.

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 12, 18:00-21:00 CEST. Remote.

Roy Derks

State Management in React with Context and Hooks

A lot has changed in the world of state management in React the last few years. Where Redux used to be the main library for this, the introduction of the React Context and Hook APIs has shaken things up. No longer do you need external libraries to handle both component and global state in your applications. In this workshop you'll learn the different approaches to state management in the post-Redux era of React, all based on Hooks! And as a bonus, we'll explore two upcoming state management libraries in the React ecosystem.

What you'll learn:

  • React Hooks
  • Lifecycles in function components
  • Using the Context API
  • Component state vs Global state
  • Preserving state
  • Alternatives: Recoil, Immer.js

Experience with ES2015+, React

A computer with node and npm installed

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 13, 17:00-20:00 CEST. Remote.

Samuel Snopko

Crash Course into the Jamstack with Next.js & Storyblok

You may read already about the Jamstack. You probably already used Next.js, and recently you may hear a lot about the headless CMSs. In this quick course, we will put all the pieces together, and I will show you why the Storyblok in combination with Next.js is the best combo for your next project. Stop by and try it yourself!

Table of contents
  • - Introduction into the Jamstack & headless world
  • - Understand the power of the atomic design
  • - Environment setup
  • - Creating the first page
  • - Creating article pages & understand how the dynamic routing works
  • - Deployment to Live
  • - Future tips and Q&A
Workshop level


Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 19, 17:00-20:00 CEST. Remote.

David Woller

The Crash Course for Continuous Code Improvement

Every business today is a software business. Software is made of code. And code is meant to be improved. Yet developers get stuck reactively monitoring, investigating, and debugging code to fix issues. They lose too much time manually searching through logs, APM, and observability tools. Instead, they could be using that time to innovate. In this workshop, the participants will be introduced to the continuous code improvement platform that can help them see errors in real-time and gives them the tools needed to automate how they respond. Participants will learn how to instrument Rollbar's lightweight SDKs into their applications to capture uncaught exception errors as they happen along with the surrounding context and details. Participants will walk away with complete visibility on every error in their application, coupled with all the important data needed to make resolution painless.

Table of contents
  • - 1. Introduction to the topic of Continuous Code Improvement
  • - 2. Demo - Lifecycle of A Bug
  • - a. Demonstration for real time alerts about errors in the applications, at any stage of the software development lifecycle
  • - b. Reveal contextual metadata included with every occurrence of a bug
  • - c. Error Classification: Default Grouping + Custom Grouping
  • - d. Querying for Custom Workflows - Improving Signal with Custom Alerts
  • - e. Focus on New Bugs Every Release
  • - 3. Training Session - How to get started with your first project setup
  • - 4. Wrap-up Time - Beyond The Demo: Getting Value from Error Data

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 19, 17:00-19:00 CEST. Remote.

Suzanne Daniels, Nick Trogh, Juarez Barbosa Junior

Publishing, Automating and Monitoring your JS App on Azure

In this workshop you're going to deploy a JS app to our Azure Services. Obviously, we don't want to do this manually, so you're going to use GitHub actions to streamline this experience. Now that our App is on Azure, we want to make sure that we're aware of crashes and performance issues, so we'll add some App Insights in the mix. During the workshop, we'll show some cool features you could leverage!

If you want to get hands-on yourself, you should create your Free Azure account in advance on, and a GitHub account – We'll also have a limited number of Azure Passes available.

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 20, 16:00-18:00 CEST. Remote.

Marissa Masangcay, Pramod Shenoy, Akshay Ranganath

Faster media = faster websites

As eCommerce all around the world has shifted to a predominantly online-first platform the need to provide a high performance website to your users has significantly increased. And on top of that, google has announced that as of May 2021 Core Web Vitals will have a direct impact on page rankings and SEO making web performance even more significant. Come learn the basics of web performance and how it relates to media. Using a simple React based ecommerce app in conjunction with a media optimizing product, you can learn how to deliver the optimal format and fidelity, potentially improving your page rankings.

Workshop level


Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 20, 18:00-19:30 CEST. Remote

Maurice de Beijer

React Hooks Tips Only the Pros Know

The addition of the hooks API to React was quite a major change. Before hooks most components had to be class based. Now, with hooks, these are often much simpler functional components. Hooks can be really simple to use. Almost deceptively simple. Because there are still plenty of ways you can mess up with hooks. And it often turns out there are many ways where you can improve your components by a better understanding of how each React hook can be used.

Join me with your laptop in this interactive workshop. You will learn all about the pros and cons of the various hooks. You will learn when to use useState() versus useReducer(). We will look at using useContext() efficiently. You will see when to use useLayoutEffect() and when useEffect() is better.

Workshop level


Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 21, 16:00-20:00 CEST. Remote

Isaac Mann, Zack DeRose

React at Scale with Nx

The larger a codebase grows, the more difficult it becomes to maintain. All the informal processes of a small team need to be systematized and supported with tooling as the team grows. Come learn how Nx allows developers to focus their attention more on application code and less on tooling.

We’ll build up a monorepo from scratch, creating a client app and server app that share an API type library. We’ll learn how Nx uses executors and generators to make the developer experience more consistent across projects. We’ll then make our own executors and generators for processes that are unique to our organization. We’ll also explore the growing ecosystem of plugins that allow for the smooth integration of frameworks and libraries.

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 21, 17:00-21:00 CEST. Remote.

Ben Michel

Shipping High Performance React Apps with Datadog and Real User Monitoring

The way you observe your Web App’s performance over time can make or break the experience of your users. Fortunately, you can continually stay informed about the health of every delta in your UX using Real User Monitoring, and immediately identify any issues that are holding your current users back. With it, you can manage optimizing how long it takes for users to load your App on mobile, round trip times for asset fetching, the average latency between user actions and component updates, and more (by adding a small block of code in the right place). In this workshop you’ll learn how to leverage Real User Monitoring in order to track and resolve the issues that prevent your App’s greater adoption, and retention. We’ll discuss how to think about performance from the user perspective, gauge what metrics are important to monitor continuously, and define a good strategy for alleviating the latencies and issues that affect your users most.

Table of contents
  • - Interactive Demo: See and hear latency (Web App performance and user joy scale linearly)
  • - Add Real User Monitoring to Conduit (an open source clone of built on React)
  • - Identify performance bottlenecks and anomalies in Conduit using Datadog’s RUM Explorer
  • - Resolve Conduit’s issues
  • - Verify the problems have been fixed using the RUM Explorer
  • - Monitoring the user experience with Dashboards: User Sessions, Performance, and custom Dashboards for valuable metrics and BI
  • - Q&A, and additional resources

Familiarity with JavaScript, Node.js, React, and building Single Page Apps.

Workshop level


Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 21, 18:00-20:00 CEST. Remote.

Oli Bates

How to Build an Interactive “Wheel of Fortune” (aka spin to win) Animation with React Native.

Table of contents
  • - Intro - Cleo & our mission
  • - What we want to build, how it fits into our product & purpose, run through designs
  • - Getting started with environment set up & “hello world”
  • - Intro to React Native Animation
  • - Step 1: Spinning the wheel on a button press
  • - Step 2: Dragging the wheel to give it velocity
  • - Step 3: Adding friction to the wheel to slow it down
  • - Step 4 (stretch): Adding haptics for an immersive feel
Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 22, 16:00-18:00 CEST. Remote.

Nick DeJesus

E-commerce on the Jamstack with NextJS and Netlify

Jamstack frameworks are changing the way we build top-of-the-line experiences on the web. They are performant, secure and enable developers to build web apps faster than before. In this workshop, Nick DeJesus will walk you through what it's like to build an e-commerce site using NextJS, use-shopping-cart and theme-ui. You will learn how serverless functions with Netlify to help you make secure transactions and how to build accessible UI components that extend use-shopping-cart's abilities.

Table of contents
  • - Set up and Intro to NextJS
  • - Theming with Theme-ui and components
  • - Intro to use-shopping-cart and Stripe
  • - Building components with use-shopping-cart
  • - Serverless functions with Netlify and creating a Session ID
  • - Showing off some Netlify Features: Split Testing, Forms etc
Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 22, 18:00-20:00 CEST. Remote.

Robert Malko

Build Fullstack Apps with Blitz.js in Record Time

Come explore how you can leverage the unique properties of Blitz.js, that is extending Next.js, to help you build your next app in a fast and fun way. Learn how you can stop thinking about api's as you feel like you are importing server code on the client side! We'll build a fun toy app from start to finish to give you a taste of what it's like to use this wonderful framework. Everybody is welcome, no matter where you are in your journey. Workshop author is a Blitz.js contributor and level 1 maintainer.

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 23, 17:00-19:00 CEST. Remote.


Sid Chatterjee
Gatsby, India

Core team at Gatsby. When he isn't writing code, Sid enjoys scuba diving, reading and lazing with his dogs. He lives in Mumbai, India and writes at

Will Voelker
Aldeia, Portugal / UK

Will divides his time between web development and teaching, and has ever since 2005, when he started his web development career removing duplicate data from his friend's map-based property search app. Since then he has coded and taught in diverse contexts, from national newspapers to the shores of the Atlantic ocean. A qualified school-teacher, he is nevertheless passionate about alternative forms of education. He has spent the last two years researching and building his home-ed support platform, Aldeia (using React, obviously).

Nader Dabit
Best Practices
Full Info
Nader Dabit
Edge & Node, The Graph Protocol, USA

Nader is an author, open source developer, and Developer Relations Engineer working in the blockchain space with Edge & Node and The Graph Protocol.

Nouha Chhih
Prismic, France

Nouha is the Developer Experience Manager at Prismic. She currently manages a team of developer experience engineers, and spending a lot of time on recruiting and growing her team. This year she'll recruit over 15 people to join her team. She'll share some advice for those of you preparing for technical interviews, and will be able to describe what is a Developer Experience Engineer, a Developer Relations Engineer, a Dev Blogger, a Dev Streamer.

Francois Bohyn
Prismic, France

Francois is the Revenue Ops person at Prismic. For his team he has experience with the recruitment process of two roles: Solutions Engineer and Growth Engineer. These are pretty new kinds of roles, but which are very popular recently and that you might want to hear about if you are an engineer who enjoys understanding the business side of things.

Sadek Drobi
Prismic, France

Prismic founder & CEO; Co-creator of Play web framework. He enjoys connecting business, marketing, software architecture and code.

Richard Moss
Sainsbury's, UK

An avid technologist, Richard has worked on a variety of projects with a diverse range of people, crossing technologies, languages, and continents. With a particular focus on the front end space, he is currently working across teams to help build and develop the tech function at Sainsbury’s. Passionate about teaching and sharing, he’s also a co-organizer of JavaScript London and was previously a senior coach at React GraphQL Academy helping professional devs take their skills to the next level.

Jennifer Gray
Shopify, Canada

Jennifer is a front end developer on the Docs and API Libraries team at Shopify where our goal is to make it easier for developers to build on Shopify’s platform by creating and curating technical resources. Jennifer has spent the last two years working on, Shopify’s home for developer documentation.

Hanna Chen
Shopify, Canada

As a former agency developer, Hanna has experience building apps on various platforms. At Shopify, she is a front-end developer on a team dedicated to building out the capabilities that enable great embedded apps. Hanna has spent the last three years building and maintaining Shopify App Bridge, a JavaScript library that lets developers embed apps directly inside the Shopify Admin and Shopify POS.

Matt Landers
WP Engine, USA

Matt Landers leads the DevRel team at WP Engine, after joining the company in 2019 as a Technical Architect who was (and still is) super passionate about headless. That passion ultimately played a major role in the release of Atlas, which pairs WP Engine’s industry-leading WordPress platform with Node.js hosting to enable headless solutions using modern frameworks and technologies like React, Vue, and more. Before joining WP Engine, he served as Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, where he educated developers on the advantages of adopting .NET and worked with Fortune 100 companies to build some of the largest enterprise systems as an Architect. Additionally, Matt founded Covalence, a coding bootcamp, channeling his passion for teaching developers

Will Johnston
WP Engine, USA

Will Johnston is a Developer Advocate on the DevRel team at WP Engine. He started coding when he was 10 years old, and began coding professionally at 15. He got his start working on an open source competency tracking tool for schools with Python and Zope. Will founded Covalence alongside Matt Landers, and served as CTO. At WP Engine, Will is excited to help make the headless CMS world a better place by helping others embrace headless and make the most out of new tools and technologies.

Scott Vinkle
Shopify, Canada

Scott is an accessibility specialist at Shopify. He spends his days auditing web properties and native apps, reviewing code, and discussing inclusive design principles with designers, developers, content authors, partners, support, and legal teams.

In his spare time Scott runs an online store and writes about web accessibility at He also enjoys snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. He lives in Ajax ON with his wife and two children.

Dylan Jhaveri
Software Engineer @Mux, USA

Dylan is a Senior Software Engineer at Mux, a startup building online video infrastructure for developers. Dylan works on the DevEx team to help developers deliver smooth video to their users. Previously he co-founded Crowdcast, a live video streaming platform.

Ed Ropple
Mux, USA

Ed's a senior developer and video producer on the Community team at Mux; when he isn't churning out screencasts about how you can better use Mux Video and Mux Data and interviewing Mux success stories, he even sometimes gets to write a little code. Usually the one asking when we're rewriting it in TypeScript.

Roy Derks
StepZen, The Netherlands

Roy Derks is a developer, author and public speaker from the Netherlands. His mission is to make the world a better place through tech by training and inspiring developers worldwide. Currently he is working with StepZen on a mission to make GraphQL adoption easy and scalable.

Samuel Snopko
Full Info
Samuel Snopko
Storyblok, Austria

Samuel is responsible for the developer relations at Storyblok. As the headless system's head of devrel, he spends most of his time buried in the documentation and creating various experiments and demos. He always defines himself as Creative FrontEnd Knight & DesignOps enthusiast with a passion for JAMStack and the beautiful web.

As a determined community believer, he co-created multiple meetups and is always happy to help any community in need.

David Woller
Rollbar, USA

David works as a post-sales Solutions Engineer at Rollbar, with a focus on customer enablement and custom solutions delivery. He is passionate about anything that combines technical learning with customer interaction, and is curious about finding ways to apply technology to improve the UX of everyday life. He has specific knowledge around software observability practices, and worked as a Professional Services Consultant at Sumo Logic before joining Rollbar in August. David earned a BS in Computer Science from Auburn University.

Suzanne Daniels
Microsoft, Netherlands

Suzanne is a Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft.

Nick Trogh
Microsoft, Belgium

Nick is a Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft.

Juarez Barbosa Junior
Microsoft, Ireland

Juarez Barbosa Junior has +20 years of experience in several IT-related roles throughout his career, currently working for Microsoft as the Azure Developer Engagement Lead in Ireland.

Previously, he's worked for Oracle as a Principal Blockchain Developer Advocate and as Thought Leader and Technical Evangelist in IBM Mobile and IBM Watson.

He's passionate about engaging developers and communities to present and discuss the latest technologies related to Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Native, AI, and other Emerging Technologies, with a particular focus and interest in Microsoft Azure.

Marissa Masangcay
Cloudinary, USA

Marissa Masangcay is a Technical Marketing Specialist for Cloudinary and has worked for the company since 2017. She has also served as one of Cloudinary’s Developer Support Engineers, where she responded to customers’ technical support requests and feature-related questions, as well as debugged customer issues and wrote code samples in multiple development frameworks. She has also served as a volunteer instructor for Girls Who Code, which is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching girls in grades 6-12 the fundamentals of coding. Marissa graduated with her bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of San Francisco.

Pramod Shenoy
Cloudinary, USA

Pramod Shenoy is currently working as a Solutions Architect at Cloudinary. His interests align with his 8 years of experience at Akamai and Catchpoint in web performance and optimization, CDNs and monitoring digital experiences. Outside of work Pramod likes to hike, read blogs on tech, sports and stock markets.

Akshay Ranganath
Cloudinary, USA

Akshay Ranganath is a Solution Architect at Cloudinary responsible for bringing customers on-board, helping them create work-flow for media management and media delivery. While not working, you'll find him holding camera and indulging in some photography.

Maurice de Beijer
Independent Software Consultant and Trainer, Netherlands

Maurice de Beijer is an independent software consultant and trainer. He specializes in JavaScript, React, and ASP.NET Core. His work includes a large, global, safety application for the oil and gas industry. Maurice is also active in the open source community. He teaches ECMAScript, TypeScript, React, RxJS and ASP.NET courses. Since 2005, he has received Microsoft’s Yearly Most Valuable Professional Award. Maurice is also active in the Dutch dotNed user group and helps organize its meetings.

Isaac Mann
Narwhal Technologies, USA

Isaac is an Architect at Narwhal Technologies. He helps maintain the documentation for Nx at and has created two video courses available at Isaac is an Instructor at with a focus on component design and xstate.

Zack DeRose
Narwhal Technologies, USA

Zack DeRose is Senior Engineer for Narwhal Technologies, where he works to build a better world through tech! In addition to the enterprise consulting done at Narwhal, Zack is very interested in content creation and teaching others! When not building web applications at scale, Zack enjoys a robust family life at scale, living in Phoenix AZ with his wife and 6 kids.

Ben Michel
DataDog, USA

Ben cares about enabling developers, and supporting open source projects that push the Web forward (OpenJS Foundation, Node.js, tc39, Unicode Consortium). As a Technical Evangelist at DataDog, he’s helping devs create delightful experiences by using real user monitoring, and distributed synthetic testing. Ben has also led JavaScript meetups over the years (PDXNode, WebAudioPDX), and occasionally produces music.

Oli Bates
Cleo, UK

Oli is currently a Frontend Engineer & Tech Lead at Cleo working across the mobile (React Native) & web (React) products. He sits within the savings squad whose mission is to help Cleo users build a safety net of savings.

Nick DeJesus
Netlify, USA

Nick DeJesus is an open source maintainer focused on removing friction from the e-commerce space.

Robert Malko
Doximity, USA

Level 1 Maintainer of Blitz.js

Engineering Manager @ Doximity, United States