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They will be run remotely via Zoom.

The recordings of most workshops will be shared with full ticket holders after the conference.

Maurice de Beijer

React Hooks Tips Only the Pros Know

The addition of the hooks API to React was quite a major change. Before hooks most components had to be class based. Now, with hooks, these are often much simpler functional components. Hooks can be really simple to use. Almost deceptively simple. Because there are still plenty of ways you can mess up with hooks. And it often turns out there are many ways where you can improve your components by a better understanding of how each React hook can be used.

Join me with your laptop in this interactive workshop. You will learn all about the pros and cons of the various hooks. You will learn when to use useState() versus useReducer(). We will look at using useContext() efficiently. You will see when to use useLayoutEffect() and when useEffect() is better.

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Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 21, 16:00-20:00 CET. Remote

Robert Malko

Build Fullstack Apps with Blitz.js in Record Time

Come explore how you can leverage the unique properties of Blitz.js, that is extending Next.js, to help you build your next app in a fast and fun way. Learn how you can stop thinking about api's as you feel like you are importing server code on the client side! We'll build a fun toy app from start to finish to give you a taste of what it's like to use this wonderful framework. Everybody is welcome, no matter where you are in your journey. Workshop author is a Blitz.js contributor and level 1 maintainer.

Workshop schedule & location

Date - April 23, 17:00-19:00 CET. Remote.

Isaac Mann, Zack DeRose

React at Scale with Nx

The larger a codebase grows, the more difficult it becomes to maintain. All the informal processes of a small team need to be systematized and supported with tooling as the team grows. Come learn how Nx allows developers to focus their attention more on application code and less on tooling.

We’ll build up a monorepo from scratch, creating a client app and server app that share an API type library. We’ll learn how Nx uses executors and generators to make the developer experience more consistent across projects. We’ll then make our own executors and generators for processes that are unique to our organization. We’ll also explore the growing ecosystem of plugins that allow for the smooth integration of frameworks and libraries.

Workshop schedule & location

Date & time - TBD. Remote.


Maurice de Beijer
Independent Software Consultant and Trainer, Netherlands

Maurice de Beijer is an independent software consultant and trainer. He specializes in JavaScript, React, and ASP.NET Core. His work includes a large, global, safety application for the oil and gas industry. Maurice is also active in the open source community. He teaches ECMAScript, TypeScript, React, RxJS and ASP.NET courses. Since 2005, he has received Microsoft’s Yearly Most Valuable Professional Award. Maurice is also active in the Dutch dotNed user group and helps organize its meetings.

Robert Malko
Doximity, USA

Level 1 Maintainer of Blitz.js

Engineering Manager @ Doximity, United States

Isaac Mann
Narwhal Technologies, USA

Isaac is an Architect at Narwhal Technologies. He helps maintain the documentation for Nx at and has created two video courses available at Isaac is an Instructor at with a focus on component design and xstate.

Zack DeRose
Narwhal Technologies, USA

Zack DeRose is Senior Engineer for Narwhal Technologies, where he works to build a better world through tech! In addition to the enterprise consulting done at Narwhal, Zack is very interested in content creation and teaching others! When not building web applications at scale, Zack enjoys a robust family life at scale, living in Phoenix AZ with his wife and 6 kids.