Workshops at React Summit Remote Edition

Hands-on workshops will be run remotely via Zoom.

The workshops listed below are not included in Full ticket and should be bought separately. We'll be happy to provide a 15% discount in case you buy 3 and more workshop tickets. Just email us.

Siddharth Kshetrapal

Design Systems in React

This is a hands-on workshop for React developers in which you will learn how to define a common language for collaboration and iterate on products faster.

We will start with the important questions of Why and When. While design systems encompass tools and processes for everyone in the company, we will focus on the code side of it - Platform agnostic design tokens and a component library in React that can be used in products and can evolve as teams use it.

Table of contents
  • - I
  • - What are the moving pieces of a design system
  • - How to define a design system for your company
  • - Doing an inventory of your existing products or on-going design concept
  • - II
  • - Systemize brand attributes and design decisions into tokens
  • - Creating a technology agnostic library of reusable tokens
  • - Starting a component library with primitives that serve as building blocks
  • - Combining primitives to build advanced compound components
  • - III
  • - Defining a consistent, easy to use API across your components
  • - Formalise the definition and usage guidelines - strict vs flexible
  • - Testing your component library - visual and behavior
  • - Distributing your system with versioning and backward compatibility
  • - IV
  • - Creating a implementation strategy and publishing a long-term roadmap
  • - Getting buy-in and driving adoption in your company
  • - Common roadblocks that you might hit

Working knowledge of React would go a long way.

Workshop level

Intermediate/Advanced JavaScript/React developers.

Workshop schedule & location

Dates: April 12-13, 16:00-20:00 CEST. Remote

Michel Weststrate

Advanced, Fancy TypeScript

More and more projects are using TypeScript. This workshop will provide a deep dive into the language, and basic TypeScript knowledge is assumed. We will briefly discuss the design philosophy of TypeScript, and then cover all the lesser-known or harder features. That is: do all the cool and weird meta programming stuff (TS is turing complete!) and learn the tricks you won't find in the handbook.

So join if you feel like you're writing too much type annotations to make TypeScript happy! We'll dive deep into how type inference and control flows works, and how you can make the compiler work for you. We'll discuss all the fancier language constructs like:

    • ReturnType<>, Parameters<>
    • typeof, keyof
    • Mapped types
    • ConditionalTypes
    • Function overloading
    • Discrimination unions
    • Type guards and type assertions
    • (Variadic) tuple types
Workshop schedule & location

Dates: April 19-20, 16:00-20:00 CEST. Remote

Brad Westfall

Advanced React / Advanced Composition Workshop

Are you ready to take your React development to the next level? In this workshop we'll cover some of React's more advanced topics including advanced useEffect, hooks composition, imperative React, using mutable refs, and how to build highly reusable abstractions. We'll build out various parts of a project along the way with exercises for you to get hands with the material.

Workshop schedule & location

Dates: April 22-23, 17:00-21:00 CEST both days. Remote.


Siddharth Kshetrapal
CodeSandbox, Netherlands

Sid builds tools for developers. In the past, he worked on Design Systems at Auth0 and as the frontend architect at Practo. He loves talking about design, performance and open source.

Michel Weststrate
Facebook, UK

Open source fanatic, speaker and trainer. Author of MobX, MobX-State-Tree, Immer and a plethora of smaller packages. On a continuous quest to make programming as natural as possible. React, JavaScript and TypeScript fan. Working at Facebook on dev tooling for mobile developers.

Brad Westfall
ReactTraining, USA

Brad Westfall has been teaching Web Development since 2010 including bootcamp instruction, online videos, conference speaking, writing at, and corporate training for He loves to connect with students by helping them achieve their technical goals and by distilling complex concepts into simple instruction.

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